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Pre Press | Platemaking


Beamglow can boast a fully integrated Computer to Plate (CTP) system providing on-demand platemaking facilities to maintain efficient workflows to our printing presses as new plates are produced for every production run.

The latest Quad Core Processors Apple Mac Pro’s run a comprehensive suite of industry-standard origination software including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat. Pre-press work is carried out in ArtPro – the industry-wide standard for packaging reprographics.

Design | CAD Room


The latest industry standard CAD system is linked to a plotting table allowing samples to be produced with remarkable speed and efficiency. Every sample we produce is uniquely coded allowing us to refer back to each version of a design throughout the development process.

Printing | On Press


Within the print department we are equipped with bespoke multi-unit printing presses giving our highly-skilled operators the flexibility to achieve a remarkably diverse range of print effects and finishes.

The latest printing press to be installed at Beamglow has been described as ‘the ultimate graphic arts engine’.

This printing press is a new generation machine with 2 anilox coaters and several sub drying stations, thus giving us greater flexibility and increased potential for innovation for the future.

It was among the first of it’s type to be manufactured and installed anywhere in the world.

Ink Room | Colour Matching


The majority of our work requires the matching and mixing of ‘special inks’ (as opposed to 4-colour process) colours such as Pantone references.

Beamglow has a dedicated colour matching laboratory allowing us to match colours, produce draw-downs for customer approval and mix inks on site.

Our technicians are equipped with the latest computer-aided colour mixing system which enables us to ensure batch to batch consistency every time any ink is mixed.

Embossing | Cutting & Creasing

Beamglow’s latest machines allow foil stamping and die cutting in a seam-less operation. These Duo Presses have the ability to accurately register foiling and die cutting processes in one pass which traditional machine processes are unlikely to deliver.

Units can easily be changed to allow the following combinations to be run in a single pass.

  • Foil stamping and foil stamping
  • Foil stamping, die cutting and stripping
  • Embossing, die cutting and stripping
  • Foil stamping and embossing

Foil | Blocking

Our foil blocking department consists of 3 Presses. Beside our standard foils, we have considerable experience in the use and development of the holographic and diffraction varieties.

Beamglow source only the highest quality foils from Germany, Scotland and the US.

Our blocking dies are either Chemac’s or Brass depending on the design of the product, both types block to a very high standard providing both accuracy and durability.

Gluing | Folding | Finishing


Our gluing staff have a variety of machines at their disposal.

All are equipped with code readers, glue line detection systems, electronic extrusion systems and foil readers.

We can undertake numerous complex gluing operations including integral fitments, multi-spot gluing and conical gluing.

Interchangeable Pafra and Matron extrusion glue line systems can be fitted to any machine for any gluing permutation.

Our machines are built to the highest standard; combining cutting-edge technology with advanced ergonomic design drawn from the manufacturers wealth of experience in this field.

The length of the pre-folding and folding section allows a smooth folding process and significantly increases productivity levels for all carton styles. This is a flexible, user-friendly machine, designed to consistently deliver excellent quality and high productivity.

Transport | Location

This department very much closes the loop on our whole production flow as it is responsible for all aspects of goods-in, goods-out, deliveries, warehousing and stock. For this reason we have made significant changes to our warehousing by making the department fully computerised as well as investing heavily in new mechanical handling equipment which allows us to load and unload quickly and efficiently. All warehouse staff successfully completed their NVQ’s in warehousing on 2010.

Our UK fleet consists of three 18 tonne DAF CF Rigids, an 11 tonne DAF Lf and is spearheaded with the new XF DAF tractor and 40ft trailer. All vehicles are fully computerised and the newest three additions to the fleet are digital tachograph and running with add-blue zero emissions. All drivers are digital card holders and all have passed there required CPC’s.

We are located in Cambridgeshire at the junction of several major trunk roads with superb links to all regions of the UK and mainland Europe. By rail, we are less than 1 hour from central London. Our drivers can reach Harwich and Felixstowe ports within 2 hours and the Channel Tunnel link to the mainland in just 2.5 hours.

By air, we have excellent links to mainland Europe. Stansted Airport is only 50 minutes by road and Heathrow Airport is less than 2 hours away. Luton and Birmingham Airports are also within easy reach. We have excellent postal and courier services with overnight delivery to Mainland Europe and US regions.